Waikato Sunday Soccer League

This is in recognition of the work our late Secretary did for us as a League, the Shield will be played for like the Ranfurly Shield ie every game.


“Bob Stocks Memorial Challenge Shield"


The Rules are as follows

1/ Teams must have the BSMCS at the ground each game, otherwise it is forfeited to the opposing team.

2/ It is the Holders responsibility for the safe keeping of this Trophy.

  • It is a wooden Shield - so it should be kept dry when out on display when being played for.

  • Holding Team is responsible for any costs to repair damage to the Trophy.

  • Must be handed back to WSSL at the end of the season.

2/ Team name goes on the Shield if defended 3 times consecutively. It is the teams responsibility to pay for the engraving

3/ All games throughout the Season count including Scottish Cup & Friendly’s.

4/ A Draw counts as being defended unless you are playing a team from a lower Division then you must win.

5/ The BSMCS is lost if you cancel a game against the Opposition. (If WSSL cancel games BSMCS is not lost)

6/ WSSL Web Site will keep you informed as to who the current holders are throughout the season.


Cup Holders


Raglan Roosters 2011

 Waikato Fijian 2012

Hackers 2013

Raglan Roosters 2014

Morrinsville 2015 

Hackers 2016

Raglan Roosters 2017



Bob Stocks Memorial Challenge Trophy 2018                                                  
15-Apr-18   22-Apr-18   29-Apr-18       13-May-18   20-May-18   10-Jun-18   17-Jun-18   24-Jun-18   1st July   8th-July   15th July   22nd-July   29th July   8th Aug          
                                Garroon Academy 8                                
                                Khmer Soul 0                                
                            Garroon Acadmey 2     Garroon Acadamy 5                            
                            Hillcrest Rovers 2     L3 Aviation 3                            
                        Garroon Acadmy 8             Garroon Acadamy 0             Raglan Roosters          
                        Marist 0             Raglan Roosters 2             Marist          
                    Garroon Academy                               Raglan Roosters 5            
                    Bye                               Hillcrest Rovers 3            
                Garroon Academy 2                             Raglan Roosters 2                
                Hackers 2                             L3 Aviation 0                
            Garroon Academy 7                                                    
            Raglan Roosters 3                                                    
        Garroon Academy                                                          
        Waikato Dragons                                                          
    L3 Aviation 1                                                            
    Garroon Academy 2                                                            
L3 Aviation 3                                                                
Khmer Soul 3                                                                

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